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A Kid Safety Band was born of necessity!

A couple of years ago, I was in the park with my two sons. It was a beautiful day and I was pushing my younger son Conor on the swing. Conor’s shoe fell off and I stopped to help him. While my back was turned, my older son Aidan wandered off. As parents, we all know the fear and anxiety that comes with the thought of your child being lost – screaming out their name but never hearing the familiar “over here Dad”. I ran all over the park but still no Aidan. I was just about to call the police when someone, seeing me in panic mode, ran up to tell me he had spotted a young boy over at the other end of the park. I raced over and there, hiding in the bushes, was my son. Words cannot express how relieved I was to find him safe.

This incident made me think, and got the creative juices flowing. After some research, the Kid Safety Band was born. The concept of printed silicone wristbands was already an established and popular one. Almost everyone nowadays, including children, wears one proclaiming support for a favorite cause or charity. Kids love them, and I thought it would be a great idea to use them for identification purposes for both the young and old. I chose the color orange as it is synonymous with safety.

My goal now is brand awareness. I have been busy getting the word out to various law enforcement agencies around the country. I have also distributed fliers, advertised online, and most recently participated as a resource at childrens’ fairs. I will continue to pursue brand awareness at every opportunity and make the Kid Safety Band and Adult Safety Band a household name. My sons both wear their Kid Safety Band whenever we attend large functions. I hope that I never again have to experience the frantic search for a lost child. Having the Kid Safety Band gives me peace of mind and knowledge that, if my child is ever lost, I am just a phone call away.

Thank You, Paul A. O'Dea

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